Lawmakers ask FTC to look into Google Wi-Fi data (Reuters)

Reuters - Two lawmakers who co-chair the House Privacy Caucus asked the Federal Trade Commission if Googlei broke the law in collecting WiFi and other Internet data while taking photographs for its Street View product.

Lee County Bar Association uses Drupal and CiviCRM as a Web Solution for ... - (press release)

Lee County Bar Association uses Drupal and CiviCRM as a Web Solution for (press release)(I-Newswire) May 19, 2010 - SoFla Web Studio, a privately held web development and internet marketing agency, specializing in Drupal and CiviCRM development ...

Google building online Chrome application shop (AFP)

AFP - Googlei on Wednesday gave software developers an early peek at an online Chrome Web Store it is building as an emporium for games and other applications built for use on the Web.

Hot out of the oven, these Android apps cook (Appolicious)

Appolicious - If you’re anything like me, you’ve realized how much your mobile phone can help you with your everyday life. Every once in a while, that includes a chef session in the kitchen.

Twitter for iPhone has landed (Appolicious)

Appolicious - When Twitter acquired Tweetie 2 earlier this year, it established a precedent for the microblog as it delved deeper into the mobile realm. Since then, Twitter has launched an official app on Blackberry and Googlei Android devices, carrying through on its intentions to regain the mobile audience that had become so familiar with third party apps for their remote interaction with the site. With official apps now flanking either side of the iPhone, the re-branded Tweetie 2 has finally emerged onto the iTunes App Store scene as the Twitter iPhone app.

Relationship 2 makes contact, project management easier ( - Jumsoft, makers of Money 3 and themes for Pages, iWeb, and other apps, has released Relationship 2, a major upgrade to its CRM (customer relationship management) app for small-to-medium businesses.

Major operators to roll out LiMo phones this year (Reuters)

Reuters - Wireless Linux group LiMo expects three major operators to offer handsets using its platform this year, to compete with news rivals Googlei and Apple, its executive director said. So far only Vodafone has launched a model in Europe, using its Linux-based operating system, while 60 handsets were launched using the platform, mostly in Japan and South-Korea.

New iPhone OS Beta Includes a Tethering Option (NewsFactor)

NewsFactor - A new beta version of the upcoming operating system for Apple's iPhone shows an option in the settings for tethering on AT&T's network. The carrier has not yet provided this service on Apple's devices in the U.S.

Walking Could Recharge Your Smartphone or MP3 Player (PC World)

PC World - Researchers at Georgia Institute of Technology are harvesting energy through activities like walking or running that could power or recharge smartphones and portable music players in the future.

Re-branded Tweetie now available as Twitter for iPhone ( - Ever since the announcement that Twitter was acquiring Loren Brichter’s company Atebits and its flagship program Tweetie to create an official iPhone application, everyone’s been waiting to see the result. Wait no longer: Twitter for iPhone is now available on the U.S. store.

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