Rumorville: Sony to unveil 'premium' PSN subscriptions? (Ben Patterson)

Ben Patterson - One of Sony's biggest selling points for the PlayStation 3 is the free PlayStation Network, the PS3's online hub for gaming downloads, video rentals and multiplayer gaming. Now rumor has it that Sony is poised to start charging for "premium" PSN subscriptions, complete with such enticements as free monthly games and streaming music.

Amazon releasing Kindle software for Android (AP)

AP - is hoping to snag even more customers for the electronic books it sells. It is releasing a version of its Kindle e-reader software for phones that use Googlei Inc.'s increasingly popular Android operating system.

The top 10 singles and albums on iTunes (AP)

AP - iTunes' top 10 selling singles and albums of the week ending May 17, 2010:

Acqualia releases Soulver 2, makes math simple ( - If you, like me, resort to using Spotlight for simple calculations rather than break out a calculator, Acqualia’s Soulver 2 may provide an alternative…solution to your problem. The program, updated this week, wants you to stop thinking in equals signs and calculations; instead, it lets you write an equation out the way you’d speak about it in conversation.

Best Buy Offers Release-Day Access To Movies, TV (NewsFactor)

NewsFactor - Best Buy has made good on its promise to offer a digital video service that will give its customers same-day access to new-release movies and TV shows. On Tuesday, the electronics retailer rolled out its CinemaNow service on some models of the Blu-ray Disc players and HDTVs it sells. The service is also available on most PCs.

Analysts praise Intuit ahead of 3rd-quarter report (AP)

AP - Shares of Intuit Inc. got a boost Tuesday from two positive analyst reports issued a day ahead of the finance software company's fiscal third-quarter report.

Google offers $68.2 million for Norwegian VOIP firm (AFP)

AFP - US Internet giant Googlei unveiled Tuesday a 68.2-million-dollar cash offer for Norwegian firm GIPS, a move that would give it access to the voice over Internet protocol (VOIP) technology used by its rivals Yahooi and AOL.

IBM Updates IDataPlex Server With GPUs (PC World)

PC World - IBM on Tuesday updated its Systemi x iDataPlex servers to include graphics processors from Nvidia as it tries bring high-performance capabilities to its scale-out servers.

Keyboard Upgrade app offers iPad keyboard options ( - The iPad poses a typing conundrum for some users. It’s wider than a smartphone so thumb-typing is mostly out (even in portrait mode). In most circumstances, you have to hold the iPad with one hand, meaning your typing productivity is diminished. The Keyboard Upgrade app, from G.P. Imports, takes a creative approach to making the iPad’s keyboard more usable.

Google Wi-Fi Data Snooping: An FAQ (PC World)

PC World - Googlei is cleaning up its mess after the company says it mistakenly collecting browsing data

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